How to Care for Your Surgical Site After Your Laser Dental Procedure

The best part of laser dentistry is you’ll be in little or no discomfort after you leave the dentist chair. However, the dentist did perform surgery, so following the recommendations for daily care are important to the healing process.

  1. Keep your tongue away from the dental laser treatment site. It’s natural for our tongues to probe anything “new” inside our mouths, but don’t.
  2. Think about how food will impact your surgery site before you put it into your mouth. Avoid anything hard, sticky or crunchy, food with seeds, hard raw vegetables and chewing gum. No matter what you’re eating, try to chew only on the other side of your mouth for a few days. You may also want to skip foods with are acidic (like tomato sauce),  and spicy foods until you’re healed.
  3. After eating, rinse your mouth thoroughly to keep bits of food from lodging in the affected site.
  4. Brush and floss the unaffected teeth as usual. For the surgery site, brush the gums below the teeth gently and roll the bristles up over the teeth. If your dentist suggested a mouth rinse, use it. Don’t floss around the affected teeth, and don’t use a water flosser or electric or sonic toothbrush.
  5. Stop or at least cut back on smoking. Smoking can delay or negatively affect the healing process.

Most patients find that healing after laser surgery is almost unnoticeable. If you do have questions, any discomfort or unusual swelling, contact our office.