Can Tobacco Really Harm Your Teeth?

Any time you buy a tobacco product, it’s easy to find the label indicating its effects on your oral health. It’s no secret tobacco is harmful to your teeth, and the consequences will only get worse with continuous use. The best thing to help eliminate the health risks is to stop using tobacco completely, but its addictive properties can make it seem like an impossible task. However, preventative dental care can help in some ways if you get on a regular schedule.

Tobacco Can Cause Oral Cancer

There’s no hiding from the fact that tobacco is one of the main causes of oral cancer. Some of the symptoms you could experience include mouth bleeding, loose teeth, changes in your teeth’s appearance, soreness, difficulty chewing and other symptoms. Sometimes these symptoms aren’t easy to identify, so it’s critical to be honest when you go in for your dental preventative care. Your dentist can tell if you have signs of oral cancer, but if you use tobacco products regularly, it will help them tremendously if they know upfront.

Your Teeth Could Stain and Decay

In addition to the major negative health consequences of using tobacco, it can also cause an unsightly appearance in your teeth. Eventually, your teeth will start to yellow and decay more easily over time. Also, if you have to have any preventative dentistry work done, the healing process could take a lot longer because of the chemicals found in tobacco products.

The choice is ultimately yours whether you want to use or continue to use tobacco products, but it’s important to completely understand the oral risks associated with it. If you have any questions or concerns about the health of your teeth as related to tobacco use, feel free to contact us at any time.