What is Baby Bottle Tooth Decay?

Baby bottle tooth decay is a condition commonly caused by a child’s teeth being exposed to sugar constantly. Things like formula, fruit juice and sodas are some of the most common liquids known to cause this type of decay. Once the sugars are introduced into your child’s mouth, they will linger around the teeth and gums. Letting a child overindulge in these sugary drinks may eventually lead to decay.

This condition is very prevalent in children who have been breast fed for too long or were allowed to use pacifiers dipped in sugary substances. Speaking with a baby dental care professional is the best way to get information on how to prevent and treat this condition.

How to Prevent Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

The first thing you need to do when trying to prevent this problem is to never let your child fall asleep with a bottle in their mouth. You will also need to clean and massage your baby’s gums daily to aid in the teething process. As soon as your baby has their first tooth, you will need to take them in to see a toddler dental care professional. Removing the plaque from the teeth a child has will reduce the chance of them having baby bottle tooth decay.

Using a softer toothbrush and non-fluoride toothpaste can help you keep your child’s teeth clean and free of sugar. Once a child is able to spit, you will need to use a toothpaste with fluoride in it.

Diet Changes to Help With the Prevention of Baby Bottle Tooth Decay

There are a number of changes you can make to your child’s diet to help prevent baby bottle tooth decay. Diluting the contents of the bottles given to a baby with water can reduce the sugar content greatly. Decreasing the amount of sugar your child ingests is also important when trying to keep their teeth healthy and free of decay.

You will also need to be mindful of when to remove the bottle your child has in lieu of a sippy cup. While getting rid of the bottle may create some stressful situations, it is worth the trouble due to the dental issues it can prevent. Getting guidance from a baby dental care professional is important and can help you to avoid costly mistakes when trying to care for your child’s teeth.

Our family dentist in Loudoun County, VA will have no problem performing preventative dental procedures on your child’s teeth. You can contact us to schedule an appointment to have your child’s teeth inspected and cleaned.