Avoid The Cause In Order To Reduce The Risk

Have you noticed that your teeth have lost their natural luster?  Tooth discoloration can be embarrassing, it may even keep you from wanting to smile which could ultimately affect a change in lifestyle.  There are ways however, to reduce the risk.

Extrinsic stains are the kind that are caused by outside influences e.g., the foods and drinks that you put into your mouth and some of the habits that you follow.  Red wine, coffee and tea are known to stain the teeth.  What might surprise you is that the dye used in some foods can be transferred onto the surface of your teeth.  Sucking on a red lollipop for instance, can not only change the color of your tongue but it can also have an effect on your teeth.  The same goes for sports drinks or colas and don’t believe that clear sodas are any better for your teeth.  The acidic content of any carbonated drink will weaken the tooth enamel and make it more susceptible to stains.

Tobacco products are bad for your health in so many ways.  Nicotine is colorless until it mixes with oxygen and then it becomes yellow.  So when you inhale a cigarette for instance, the nicotine seeps into the grooves of your teeth causing the enamel to change color.  Professional teeth cleanings will smooth the surface of the tooth enamel and make is less vulnerable to discoloration.

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