A Brief Guide to Braces, Part One: Signs They’re Necessary for Your Child

There are a lot of reasons why braces may be necessary for children. Since every mouth is different, there isn’t a definite reason why a child might need braces. Most of the time it comes down to genetics, so it’s difficult for a family dentist to predict whether a child will need braces or not. As a parent, you may want to look for these signs to determine whether you need to have your child evaluated for braces.

Underbites, Overbites and Crowding

Many parents don’t believe these are major issues with a young child. However, a family dentist in Leesburg would still likely recommend getting early intervention to determine whether braces would be beneficial to your child’s oral development. Some braces are better for younger kids, since the jaw is still in the growing phase. You probably won’t be able to notice any of these problems on your own, so visiting a dentist is crucial.

Crooked Teeth

This is a characteristic parents are most likely to see on their own. However, crooked teeth don’t necessarily mean braces are necessary. That’s why preventative dentistry for children is so important. Only a family dentist will be able to determine whether crooked teeth will require braces.

Look For Unusual Behavior

If your child is having difficulty chewing, their jaw makes noise when chewing or they are biting at their cheek, these may be signs something isn’t quite right. These seem like harmless behaviors that could just be bad habits, but it never hurts to get your child checked out by a dentist.

It’s not easy to know when it’s time to get braces for your child. Since every child is different, contact us to set up an evaluation to decide whether braces are needed now or in the future.