Three Great Ways to Ensure Your Child Practices Proper Dental Care

Getting your child to practice proper dental care will make things easier on you as a parent. However, getting to that point can be a challenge. A good family dentist in Leesburg can help make dental care fun, but you have to practice good habits at home as well. Here are three great ways to ensure your child gains an interest in dental care and wants to practice it properly.

  1. Lead By Example

Your child always watches your actions, so maintaining proper dental care for your child starts with you. Make sure your child is present when you brush your teeth in the morning and evening. If they see you doing it, they will think they need to as well. If they are still apprehensive, let them brush your teeth for you just like you do for them!

  1. Make Brushing Fun

If your child is comfortable with a fun setting at your family dentist office, you should make brushing fun at home. Buy them a toothbrush that looks like a toy to remind them of how fun the process it is. You could also tell them stories and make them feel accomplished when brushing. Be creative!

  1. Show Them Visuals

Your family dentist likely shows your child some sort of relaxing and interesting visual during their visit. You could show them pictures or videos of children having fun brushing their teeth. You could maybe even find a cartoon character brushing their teeth. Whatever your child relates to the most is always the best method to use.

Preventative dentistry for children is necessary, but it’s not very fun for them. Try these different methods to encourage proper dental care for your child, and always contact us if you need more advice.