How Can Laser Dentistry Treat Cavities?

“You have a cavity” are words no one likes to hear. With laser dentistry, we can treat most cavities more easily, effectively and painlessly than in the past.

The best benefit of laser dentistry is the early detection of decay and other problems with your teeth. X-rays can miss cavities on the surface of your teeth that lasers can detect. Early detection means earlier treatment and better chances of repair.

Lasers + Experience

A dentist’s expertise in using lasers to treat cavities and other dental issues will be a vital consideration in your selection of a dental professional. He or she will play a big role in determining whether dental laser treatments are the right way to take care of any cavities you may develop. Lasers are just one tool, like x-rays, implants or sealants, your dentist can use to keep your teeth and gums as healthy as they can be. A dentist experienced in laser dentistry will be able to assess the severity of your cavity accurately and determine if a laser dental treatment is the best option.

Several studies have shown that many patients undergoing dental laser treatments for cavities have needed no anesthetic at all. Even if you prefer anesthetic, we can still make your appointmnent less stressful with the laser.  

The laser has no whiny drill noise associated with it.  It is specific for decay as it targets the water molecule in the decay and explodes this molecule  removing tiny bits of the rotten tooth structure.  Healthy enamel does not have the same water content as decay so it is very specific for decay.  

Children, too, can enjoy all the advantages of laser dentistry to trest their cavities.  We will take the time to introduce your child to the laser before beginning any treatment. This helps alleviate any stress they may be feeling.

Your Leesburg dentist will talk to you about all the possible treatment options, including laser dental treatments. Our goal is to keep you informed, part of the decision process and happy with the outcome.